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President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser has the ear of the president and a portfolio that has expanded in the last year, encompassing issues from relations with Mexico to Middle East peace. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has repeatedly declined to comment on Kushner's clearance status, saying it isn't the policy of the White House to do so. Kushner has reportedly operated on an interim clearance to do his job since joining the White House in January 2017.

But Kelly ordered an end to all top-level interim security clearances with investigations pending since before June 1, a change that went into effect on Friday. Also on Friday, Mr. Trump stated that he would leave any decision about whether to grant Kushner a waiver up to his right-hand man, Kelly.

"That'll be up to General Kelly," Mr. Trump said in a press conference with the Australian prime minister Friday. "General Kelly respects Jared a lot, and General Kelly will make that call. I won't make that call."

But questions about the status of Kushner's clearance, his access going forward, and why he has been unable to obtain a permanent clearance so far remain unanswered. The White House did not return a request for comment for this story.

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein called White House counsel Don McGahn on Feb. 9 to tell him there were significant issues with Kushner's clearance, and that was currently keeping him from gaining a permanent clearance. The Post did not explain what those issues might be.

To former Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough, who is now a security clearance attorney for Tully Rinckey PLLC, it's shocking that Kushner — and reported dozens of others in the White House — still lack permanent clearances after more than a year.

"I guess the thing that really stuns me is that, here we are a year into this, and I'm sure most of these people are clearable," McCullough said in an interview. "I don't think this is a situation where they're not clearable. I'm just wondering why they're not cleared yet. What's going on bureaucratically that the bureau can't work with the White House Security Office and get everyone cleared?"

White House staffers are "usually an extreme priority," he said.

"You would think someone like the president's son-in-law wouldn't be waiting very long for his clearance," he added.

There are, however, a few things that could be holding up the clearance of not only Kushner, but others in the Trump White House, McCullough said.

Kushner, whose vast business interests include foreign investments and foreign contacts, could certainly be part of the holdup, McCullough said. Kushner has amended his financial disclosure forms dozens of times since joining the White House, according to public records from the Office of Government Ethics.

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Fiber comes in two forms: insoluble and soluble. A cheap and effective source of insoluble fiber is unprocessed wheat bran. Forms of soluble fiber include pectin , guar gum, psyllium and oatmeal. You need both forms to obtain fiber's many benefits.

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Good list although I don't believe the gluscosamine/chondroitin claims. I like straight magnesium instead of the multi approach. Vit D is also important because most folks are deficient.

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U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Occupational Outlook Handbook > Healthcare >

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Physicians and surgeons diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses. Physicians examine patients; take medical histories; prescribe medications; and order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests. They counsel patients on diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare. Surgeons operate on patients to treat injuries, such as broken bones; diseases, such as cancerous tumors; and deformities, such as cleft palates.

About half of physicians and surgeons worked in physicians’ offices in 2016. Others worked in hospitals, in academia, or for the government.

Physicians and surgeons have demanding education and training requirements. Physicians typically need a bachelor’s degree, a degree from a medical school, which takes 4 years to complete, and, depending on their specialty, 3 to 7 years in internship and residency programs.

Annual mean wages for physicians and surgeons are available on the Pay tab.

Overall employment of physicians and surgeons is projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Job growth is projected due to increased demand for healthcare services by the growing and aging population.

Explore resources for employment and wages by state and area for physicians and surgeons.

Compare the job duties, education, job growth, and pay of physicians and surgeons with similar occupations.

Learn more about physicians and surgeons by visiting additional resources, including O*NET, a source on key characteristics of workers and occupations.

Physicians often work closely with other healthcare staff including physician assistants, registered nurses, and medical records and health information technicians.

Physicians and surgeons diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses. Physicians examine patients; take medical histories; prescribe medications; and order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests. They often counsel patients on diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare. Surgeons operate on patients to treat injuries, such as broken bones; diseases, such as cancerous tumors; and deformities, such as cleft palates.

There are two types of physicians, with similar degrees: M.D. (Medical Doctor) and D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine). Both use the same methods of treatment, including drugs and surgery, but D.O.s place additional emphasis on the body's musculoskeletal system, preventive medicine, and holistic (whole-person) patient care. D.O.s are most likely to be primary care physicians, although they can be found in all specialties.

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Good file and folder organisation will help you to locate, identify and retrieve your data quickly and accurately, thereby making it easier your you to manage your data. To achieve this, you need to do at least two things:

You should establish a file organisation scheme at the start of your project, to avoid having to apply one retrospectively:

Once you have set up a file organisation scheme, you should document it: write down what should go in each folder and the naming conventions you are using, along with any codes or abbreviations you are using. Save it in a ‘readme’ file, preferably in plain text, and store it in the top level folder for your project where you (or anyone in your group) will be able to access it easily.

Consider scheduling a regular review of your file organisation scheme:

Although these principles are aimed at digital files and folders, it is just as important to organise physical files, folders and other materials in a meaningful, consistent and documented fashion.

Structuring files and folders

There are many "right" ways of organising your files so think about what makes sense for your research.

If you are doing experimental work, for example, you might want to organise the results into folders by the date you did the experiment, or by a key experimental condition.

The following suggestions will help you to organise your data:

Unlike with physical records, it is possible for digital folders to appear in more than one place in the hierarchy by means of shortcut links. This can help if different members of a group need the files to be organised in different ways, but the technique should be used sparingly.

Further guidance on structuring files and folders

You may find the following external guidance useful.

Naming files and folders

Naming conventions are rules that allow electronic and physical records to be named in a consistent and logical way.

Use of consistent and meaningful names will enable you to identify and distinguish between similar records, making data retrieval easier.

If you create large numbers of data files that would be difficult to rename individually, apply your naming convention at the folder level instead.

When you agree your naming convention, consider the following suggestions:

If you are likely to have multiple versions of the same file, see our guidance below on keeping track of versions.

Applying a file naming convention

Consider a folder containing the following files:

This is an extreme example with many problems. Dates are written in many different formats, and files are described inconsistently, meaning that related files are not grouped together. This makes it hard to tell at a glance which file is which. In addition, some have quite mysterious names and some are using characters which may cause problems.

Contrast that with the consistently named files below.

Underscores are used to separate blocks of information, while hyphens are used within blocks. Note how materials from the same day and concerning the same subject are grouped together, and that corresponding files in the different groups are easy to spot.

Further guidance on file naming conventions

You may find the following external guidance useful.

Keeping track of versions

As you work with your data it is important to distinguish between different versions or drafts of your files. Version control can help you to easily identify the current version of your data so that you avoid working on older or outdated copies. If you are working with others it can also help to link versions of the data to the time and author of the change.

There are a number of ways that different versions of data can be managed:

File naming: A simple method of version control is to create a duplicate copy and then update version information to create a unique file or folder name.

Version control tables: These are included within documents and can capture more information than using file naming conventions. Version control tables typically include the new version number, date of the change, person who made the change and the nature or purpose of the change.

Version control systems: There are many automated systems available that can store a repository of files and monitor access to them, logging who made what change and when. Version control systems are particularly useful for collaborative development of code or software. Computing Services provide an institutional GitHub service. Please Adidas Ultraboost St W Blue Running Shoes discount FyACE0If
to arrange access.

Further guidance on version control

You may find the following external guidance useful.

Example case of organising data files

The principal investigator (P.I.) of a large multi-institutional project was faced with the issue that each partner would hold an overlapping subset of the project data, with files shared with other partners as needed. In order to ensure consistency and coordination across the partner institutions, the P.I. drafted a folder structure and file naming convention.

The research workflow would involve taking detailed measurements of samples, and analysing the raw data in a variety of ways to generate different characterisations. The data might therefore need to be accessed by sample, characterisation technique, or characterisation purpose. The raw data would also need to be kept separate from derived data, to protect the raw data from inadvertent changes and permit timely sharing between partners.

The convention chosen was as follows. Within the project folder, subfolders were created for each work package ('WP1', 'WP2', etc.), for raw data ('Raw_Data'), and for characterisation templates ('Templates'):

Use folders to group files with common properties:

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